Great news! AIPA members can now use the Roster Calendar service free of charge.

Current paying users will automatically be transferred to the AIPA sponsored Roster Calendar service.

NOTE: Pilot members who are not members of AIPA will not be able to start new subscriptions. Existing subscriptions will continue as normal.

The Roster Calendar service synchronises your Qantas WebCIS roster to your calendar on your mobile device (Apple or Android) and your desktop computer - particularly on your QANTAS iPad.

Roster Calendar automatically updates your roster daily and displays it on your calendar in a variety of easy to read formats. It enables you to easily share your roster with family and friends without giving them access to WebCIS.

  1. Register on the website
  2. After registration an email with a password will be emailed to you.
  3. After you login with your new password, the FREE "AIPA Roster Calendar" Service will be listed under the Services menu option with a cost of $0.00.
  4. Start the AIPA Calendar Subscription by clicking "Subscribe" on the AIPA Calendar subscription product and following the purchase instructions. (There is NO payment required.)
  5. Set Up your devices. Instructions are under the Help menu option on the website or Click here

The Calendar display can be changed using the Calendar option under the Settings menu on the website.

Should you have any problems, check out the FAQ page or email


  • Where is my RosterSMS website password?
    • If the email does not arrive please check your Spam folder
  • I can't see the free AIPA Calendar Service under the Services menu option.
  • How do I let family or friends see my roster calendar?
    • Set up their devices using the same RosterSMS username/password that you used on your own devices. The calendar is READ-ONLY. They cannot make changes to your roster.
  • I'm already paying for Roster Calendar. Do I have to do anything?
    • No, there is nothing you need to do. Your subscription will automatically be transferred.
  • I have more questions.
  • I still have questions!