A few updates:

1. Opentime Alerts

I am about to turn on the new Opentime Alert system. For the first few weeks please confirm all information on the WebCIS website before calling Scheduling. Report all anomalies with the system with as much information as possible. (Please don't assume somebody else will report the issue).

2. Apple RosterSMS Update App

Reiterating my 13May email:

"The RosterSMS Update app will also cease to function. It uses QAccess to connect to WebCIS. This will be blocked."

The company has no plans to allow access to WebCIS without MFA. If I can find the time, I may be able to come up with a solution for the app but that is some time away.

3. AIPA Roster Calendar

The Roster Calendar service has now resumed normal operation. Your calendar will update whenever your roster is changed by notified duties. Un-notified Duties do not change your calendar.

There is no need to set the import@rostersms.com email address in WebCIS. You do not need to manually send your roster.

Due to the co-operation of Flight Operations this service has actually improved. Previously, the calendar was updated once every 16 hours. Now roster changes will be shown on your calendar within 5-10 minutes.


  • Opentime Alert system will shortly become operational.
  • The Apple RosterSMS Update App does not work due to the MFA login requirement.
  • AIPA Roster Calendar now updates quickly after roster changes.