Open Time Alert

Open Time Alert

$11.99 every 3 months

RosterSMS will SMS you when new trips appear in Open Time with a short closing time (that is, a trip that has a closing time in the next 2 days).

Beat the rush. This will give you greater opportunity to bid for trips crewed at short notice.

Every morning a Daily Open Time Summary is emailed, outlining all the trips available.

Without logging into CIS you have a complete picture of all Open Time trips.

Swap for a better, more convenient, or extra trip.



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To change Open Time Alert options: visit "My Settings - Opentime" or click here.

The SMS only alerts you of Actual trips departing within the next two calendar days. These are the trips that need your action if you wish to "early close" them.

This gives you the opportunity to bid for trips crewed at the "last minute". Pick up a better, more convenient trip, or an extra trip. Blank Line Holders also have the opportunity to bid for convenient trips.

Only Actual trips will be sent, not Pending trips. Should their status change from Pending to Actual, then they will be sent via SMS

A Daily Open Time Summary will be sent via email to keep you up to date on trips that are departing more than two days away. This is a complete summary of all Open Time trips both Actual and Pending.

When an Open Time alert SMS is sent it will contain the following:

Departure date/time, Trip code, Ports, Trip length in days, Total credit, Sign Off date/time.

New Opentime:
20Jul 08:05 GK06 
3 Days 21:50hrs 
S/Off 22Jul 07:05

The ports list  includes the starting port and the finishing port, even if  it is the same as your home port.

You can subscribe for Open Time Alerts in more than one base, ideal for commuters. This requires an additional subscription. Or, you can select the base to be different to your home base.

Trips that are added  to Open Time before the 2 day departure window will not be notified via SMS. The logic is that you cannot “Early Close” these trips. There is no advantage to knowing about these trips through the SMS service. These trips will be sent in the daily email summary.

Multiple Bases

If you want to receive alerts from a second (or third, or fourth!) base, just add extra Opentime Alert subscriptions. On the Settings page for Opentime you will see extra base dropdown boxes appear. Configure each one to your desired base. (Note: the extra selections are not displayed if you do not have more than one Opentime Alert subscription.)

As well as the SMS alerts, you will receive a Daily Summary email for each base every morning.



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