New display option for Roster Calendar

ANNOUNCEMENT: New display option for Roster Calendar

If you are stood down, you probably do not need to have an "SU" appearing on your calendar every day as a reminder.

You can now turn on and off the display of "SU" on your Calendar. You can find the option under Calendar settings on the website. Or visit this link (You will need to log in first).

NOTE: After you change a calendar setting, allow a couple of minutes for the system to rewrite the calendar. Then refresh your calendar.

Suspending Subscriptions during the Stand Down

It is going to be a difficult time as we cope with the effects of COVID-19 and the company stand down.

If you wish to suspend your subscription during this time, follow the steps below.

Note that you can suspend your subscription at any time and restart the subscription at any time.

  1. On the RosterSMS website main menu, click on Subscriptions.
  2. Click on View next to each Active subscription and find the subscription you wish suspend.
  3. Go to Actions and click the Suspend option.

To restart the subscription, click the Reactivate button that replaced the Suspend button.

This information is also available in the website FAQ, see

Forwarding Roster Emails

RosterSMS can now forward your roster whenever Qantas sends a new roster to the system.

This feature is automatically enabled. You can disable this option on the Settings - Calendar page on the website (direct link )

The system will use the email address you have registered in RosterSMS. You can change this address on the Settings - General page of the website (direct link )

Note that Qantas will send an email with your roster for any changes, this includes "clearing X days".

The system will filter emails if the only change is the date/time on the header of the roster.

WebCIS not sending some rosters

WebCIS randomly does not send rosters for some pilots when ARMS publishes rosters for a new bid period.

Until Qantas IT sort out the issue, there is a simple fix.

Use the WebCIS "Send My Roster" function to send a copy of the missing bid period to RosterSMS -

Note, you only have to do this once. WebCIS forgets to send new rosters when published, but WebCIS will send updates when Scheduling make a change to your roster. (So if you wait until Scheduling change your roster then WebCIS will send the roster automatically.)

If you know people having this issue, please let them know that there is a simple fix whilst we wait for Qantas IT.

Incorrect Opentime Alerts

When a pilot promotion occurs, the current WebCIS system will not report the promotion until the next bid period. This results in the RosterSMS system sending Opentime alerts and Opentime emails for the wrong fleet/rank.

Qantas have failed to fix the bug, but the RosterSMS system now has a work-around.

SHORT STORY: After promotion, if you receive Opentime for the wrong fleet please email support with your new rank and fleet.

Opentime Alert Timezone Fix

Just a quick note to say that the annoying timezone errors in Opentime Alerts have been fixed. This has only affected short-haul bases not in the Sydney timezone.

Since the changeover to WebCIS Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), Open Time trips have been reported by RosterSMS using the local time in Sydney. (eg. 0600hrs sign-on in Perth, would be shown as 0900hrs in SMS's and the Email Summary.)

This has now been fixed. All times in SMS alerts and the Daily Email Summary should be localised to the starting port.

If you see any errors, please email me.


Reminder: Manual Roster Update

At any time you can do a manual update of your roster by using the "Send My Roster" function of WebCIS.

Send your roster to

This should not normally be required because your roster should be updated within 60 minutes of any change.

Please email if your roster is not updating - include your username, exact description of what is missing and include screenshots if relevant.

Reminder: App is not required

The RosterSMS App has been disabled by the MFA implementation.

The App is not used by (nor has any affect on) the Roster Calendar or Opentime service.

2018-07-07 MFA Update 4

Opentime Alert

  • Opentime Alerts are being sent for tech crew.
  • Opentime Alerts will shortly begin for cabin crew.

Roster Calendar

  • Working for all crew.
  • New bid period rosters should be loaded when published.
  • If you have Unnotified Duties relating to "X Patterns", then these need to be cleared before your roster will automatically update.

New Roster Alert

  • This service will be discontinued.
  • Refunds will be paid in the next few weeks.

Unnotified Duties

  • This service will be discontinued for now.
  • Refunds will be paid in the next few weeks.
  • I am still discussing with the company possible solutions to re-instate the service.
  • The technical changes required on the company IT systems are currently blocked by higher priority work.

Let me know if you have any problems with the Opentime Alert or Roster Calendar functions.

2018-06-09 MFA Update 3

A few updates:

1. Opentime Alerts

I am about to turn on the new Opentime Alert system. For the first few weeks please confirm all information on the WebCIS website before calling Scheduling. Report all anomalies with the system with as much information as possible. (Please don't assume somebody else will report the issue).

2. Apple RosterSMS Update App

Reiterating my 13May email:

"The RosterSMS Update app will also cease to function. It uses QAccess to connect to WebCIS. This will be blocked."

The company has no plans to allow access to WebCIS without MFA. If I can find the time, I may be able to come up with a solution for the app but that is some time away.

3. AIPA Roster Calendar

The Roster Calendar service has now resumed normal operation. Your calendar will update whenever your roster is changed by notified duties. Un-notified Duties do not change your calendar.

There is no need to set the email address in WebCIS. You do not need to manually send your roster.

Due to the co-operation of Flight Operations this service has actually improved. Previously, the calendar was updated once every 16 hours. Now roster changes will be shown on your calendar within 5-10 minutes.


  • Opentime Alert system will shortly become operational.
  • The Apple RosterSMS Update App does not work due to the MFA login requirement.
  • AIPA Roster Calendar now updates quickly after roster changes.

AIPA is sponsoring Roster Calendar

Great news! AIPA members can now use the Roster Calendar service free of charge.

Current paying users will automatically be transferred to the AIPA sponsored Roster Calendar service.

NOTE: Pilot members who are not members of AIPA will not be able to start new subscriptions. Existing subscriptions will continue as normal.

The Roster Calendar service synchronises your Qantas WebCIS roster to your calendar on your mobile device (Apple or Android) and your desktop computer - particularly on your QANTAS iPad.

Roster Calendar automatically updates your roster daily and displays it on your calendar in a variety of easy to read formats. It enables you to easily share your roster with family and friends without giving them access to WebCIS.

  1. Register on the website
  2. After registration an email with a password will be emailed to you.
  3. After you login with your new password, the FREE "AIPA Roster Calendar" Service will be listed under the Services menu option with a cost of $0.00.
  4. Start the AIPA Calendar Subscription by clicking "Subscribe" on the AIPA Calendar subscription product and following the purchase instructions. (There is NO payment required.)
  5. Set Up your devices. Instructions are under the Help menu option on the website or Click here

The Calendar display can be changed using the Calendar option under the Settings menu on the website.

Should you have any problems, check out the FAQ page or email