Roster Calendar

Roster Calendar

$35.00 / year

Roster Calendar displays your roster in the Calendar app of all your devices – iPad, iPhone, Android Phone.

Easy to setup, especially on the company iPad. Once configured the calendar is updated every day.

The single subscription allows you to give all your family and friends access to your roster on their own devices.


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Displayed in your standard calendar, your roster is always updated and easy to read.

Highly configurable - choose the way trips are displayed, display X and A days, home transport, overnight ports. These settings can be changed at any time.

Click here for configuration options.

There is no restriction on who you allow to subscribe to your calendar. You can give other pilots access to your roster calendar. Then everybody can quickly see the days that everybody is home.

The calendar format is also a good way to share your roster with family members and friends. You don't need to keep emailing updated CIS screenshots. No need for them to decrypt the CIS roster to find out where you are.

For more information visit the RosterSMS App Help page


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