The RosterSMS app currently does not work due to WebCIS MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

The introduction of the MFA login requirement on WebCIS has blocked the normal operation of this app.

We are currently exploring options to upgrade the app.

RosterSMS has a free iPad app

The iPad App is an OPTIONAL extra for the RosterSMS Calendar system. It is NOT REQUIRED for your calendar to work.

As a bonus, the app stores your roster so that you have a copy of your roster in-flight or when you are off-line.

The iPad app is called RosterSMS Update, it can be found via the link below OR by searching in the App Store. (Remember to search for iPad apps, not iPhone.)

Install RosterSMS App

The RosterSMS Update app downloads your roster from WebCIS via QAccess and then uploads your roster to RosterSMS. Your QAccess password never leaves the app. To be clear, the app uses your QAccess password but it is never sent to the RosterSMS servers.

This app is an optional extra but does not replace the RosterSMS backend server.