RosterSMS Calendar for Windows Outlook

Setup an "Internet Calendar" under "Account Settings".

Navigate via File --> Account Settings --> Internet Calendars --> New and put in the URL for your RosterSMS calendar.

When entering the URL use the following format (don't forget to change to your RosterSMS username):

(Log in to display your personalised URL.)

NOTE: The extra word "calendar" at the end is required by Outlook.

Outlook Setup1

Windows 8

To set the calendar URL, navigate via the “FILE” button at the top-left of the Calendar page in Outlook. Then click on the blue “Account Settings” tile and the blue rectangular extra “Account Settings” tile. This will take the you to the window above.

Account Info

Problem using Outlook 2016/2019 or Outlook for Office365

If you have an issue setting up your calendar in Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 or Outlook for Office 365 please see the following link: